Server Information

Using your favorite terminal program, you can SSH to the Linux Cluster machines.

Cluster name:

The following applications are available for short-term, lightweight use. If a server is needed for a long-term, heavy-duty project, please use Request Help to contact ITS.

Connect to a Linux Cluster Machine

Connection to the Linux Cluster requires access to the WPI Network, whether on campus or through use of the VPN.

  1. Connect to WPI Network
  2. Open Terminal (or Terminal Program)
  3. Input the following command and press enter/returnssh 
    • Where USERNAME is your WPI username
  4. Input your WPI password and press enter/return
    • Note: No characters will show up in the terminal window as you input your password. This is normal!

Terminal Programs






Git Bash

File Storage

WPI recommends you do NOT save any work to the local terminal server machine. Any files saved to the terminal server may be lost once your session has disconnected.

WPI IT recommends you save your work to your WPI OneDrive to ensure no work is lost.