Add A Guest To Teams

To add a guest account as a member of a team:

  1. Open the Teams application.
  2. Select the Teams option on the left sidebar.
  3. Find and open the team you would like the guest to access.
  4. Select the three horizontal dots () beside the team name.
  5. Click Add Member.
  6. Enter the email address of the guest and select Add.
  7. Close the box.

The guest will then receive an email to the address that was entered.  This email will provide them with a link to the team.

Guest Account Access

If the guest does not already have a Microsoft account to login with, they will need to create one using the email address that was invited to the team. If they already have a Microsoft account, they will login and the team will automatically be added to their list of accessible teams.

The guest will be able to access Teams through their web browser or they will be able to download the Teams application to their device.

As a guest, they will only have access to the Team that they were invited to, including the channels for the team, the files for the team, and any other tabs added to the team. They will not be able to use the Chat function of Teams or use the Cloud storage feature for Teams.