If using any of the below, try to disable:

  • Ad-blockers
  • Extensions that modify page content
  • Custom DNS / Private VPN

Still having issues reading/submitting?

  • Try a different web browser (especially if you use a browser that blocks ads or some scripts)
  • Try a private web browser
  • Connect to the WPI VPN
  • Remote into the Windows Terminal Server and try using a browser there

Check Dev Tools for Errors

Most web browsers have a tab for Developer Tools. This is an area within a website used for debugging. On many browsers, to open DevTools, press the F12 button on your keyboard.  

To determine if there are any errors, go to the Console tab. To validate if there are any errors:

  • Refresh the page
  • Input data into fields
  • Press Submit
Unable to Submit:
If you are still unable to submit, contact ITS. Please submit screenshots of the errors you are experiencing to help us troubleshoot more quickly!