You must have a Mathworks Account to install Matlab on your personal machine. If you are a first time user, you will be able to create one during the installation process.


Download Matlab

  1. Navigate to the Mathworks WPI Information Portal
  2. Press the Sign in to get started button
  3. Login with your WPI username and WPI password
  4. Choose the option to Sign In to your Mathworks Account
  5. Sign in with your Mathworks password, or create a new Mathworks account with your WPI email address
  6. Choose the Matlab version for your machine
  7. Select the operating system for your machine and begin the download

Install Matlab

  1. Run the Matlab installer on your machine
  2. Sign in with your Mathworks Account (WPI email and Mathworks Password)
  3. Read and accept the License Agreement
  4. Choose the Licenses: radio button under Select license and leave the WPI License highlighted
  5. Follow the remainder of the prompts to complete the configuration of your installation