• Advisee lists are available only for use by academic advisors.
  • Workday is the system of record for academic information. There may be variances in mailing list members due to Program of Study changes, students who are on leave, or propagation of changes between systems.


  • Generation and updates: Lists are automatically created and updated three times per day. If a significant amount of data is updated (e.g., matriculating students), there may be a delay. If a faculty member becomes an advisor, a list will be generated for them (no request needed).
  • Email address for advisees: Example: If Prof. John Boynton’s username is jboynton, the list would be named
  • Members: Primary and secondary advisee students are included in advisee lists. Major lists include students with a primary or secondary major. If a student is a BS/MS, the BS major is used. Recent graduates may continue to appear in lists while their accounts are active.

Using Advisor Lists

  • Add to the To field when composing an email to all advisees.
  • Only the advisor can send to this list; it will not appear in the Global Address List.
  • Only the advisor can expand the list to view individual advisees.