WPI now has Live AI Transcriptioning enabled in Zoom Web Conferencing.

Technical Requirements

To use Live Transcription, you must have Zoom Desktop or Mobile Client v. 5.0.2 or higher

Enable Live Transcription

1) Start a Zoom meeting

2) Click on "CC Live Transcript" button (must be Host)

3) Click on "Enable Auto-Transcription"

Individual Participant Settings

1) Click on "^" (arrow icon) next to "CC Live Transcript" button

2) In the menu that pops up, select from one of 3 options:

  • Hide Subtitle: participant may hide subtitles only on their screen
  • View Full Transcript: shows full meeting transcript in real time in the side panel
  • Subtitle Settings: allows participant to change size of text on their screen

Other Options

1) Click and drag subtitles to move them around on your screen

2) Download a copy of the full meeting transcript or search for a word or phrase from the View Full Transcript side panel

3) Breakout Rooms: Live Transcription is currently not supported in breakout rooms.