Information Technology supports the use of varied collaboration tools, including Teams, Zoom and Canvas. This article compares features and capabilities to help you choose the tool that best meets your needs. Further consultation is also available from IT. 

Unified Communications Note
While Zoom will be our primary unified communications platform, Microsoft 365 Teams will remain available. Teams is a good option when file sharing through OneDrive and SharePoint is needed for calls, chat, and meetings.
  • Access

    Web - Login with WPI Credentials 
    Desktop App - Login with WPI Credentials Has mobile app for iPhone and Android
    Mobile app - login with WPI credentialsDownload from your device's app storeDownload from your device's app storeDownload from your device's app store
    Guests Owner can add/invite Meeting host can add On a case-by-case basis 
    AccessibilityASL visibility features, live closed captions (US only), and Immersive ReaderTranscripts, captioning, keyboard shortcuts, screen reader supportMS Immersive Reader, high contrast UI, underline links, keyboard shortcuts, screen reader support
  • Meetings

    Meet directly in Teams or access Zoom from TeamsSchedule meetings and on a case-by-case basis webinarsCan schedule Zoom meetings through Zoom app and Teams meetings through Calendar (rich content editor)
    AttendanceYesLimited (see Collaboration Features)Yes
    Breakout RoomsYesYes
    Record MeetingYesYes
    Screen Sharing/Control SharingYesYes
    Transcript of MeetingYes Yes
    WebinarYes On a case-by-case basis
    Meeting ChatYesYes
  • Phone and SMS (text) Features

    Zoom Phone calls will appear from your WPI phone extension (once transitioned).

    Call a cell phone or landline in the US or CanadaYesNo
    Call an international phone number(outside US and Canada) International Zoom Meetings are free.Yes (if approved for international license)No
    SMS or text a cell phone number in the US or CanadaYesNo
    Call TransferYesNo
    Call ForwardingYesNo
    Call RecordingYesNo
    Call BlockingYesNo
    Call DelegationYesNo
    Call ParkYesNo
    Call HoldYesNo
    Elevate to Meeting or Video CallYesNo
    Salesforce IntegrationYesYes
  • Collaboration Features

    Access other AppsYesNoYes
    App sharingYesYesNo
    Document co-authoringYesNoYes
    File Storage/Access MaterialsYesNo1 GB of storage, expandable through integrated services
    Instant Message / ChatYesYesNo
    PollingYesYes (can be used for attendance)Yes through Surveys
  • Class Features

    Private WorkspaceYesNoYes
  • Unique Features

    Easily integrates with Microsoft 365 apps, as well as others.Zoom integrates into several tools including Teams, Canvas, Slack. Schedule Zoom meetings in Canvas on students’ Canvas Calendar & To Do List. Video streaming & web conferencing services integrated into Canvas (Zoom, Echo360, Ensemble, Studio) 
    Synchronous file access and editing Zoom recordings can be automatically ported to WPI cloud services Echo360 and Ensemble. Advanced grading tools (automation, grade release, weighting, audio and video feedback) 
    Perform most functions from computer or mobile device with web connection.Discussion forums 
    Group Assignments
    Custom access (open and close course, custom assignment dates and roles) 
    Chronological organization and content release in Modules