To add people to your course after it has ended:

1. Go to your course site

2. Click on Settings

3. Scroll down to where it says "Term"

4. Click on the drop down menu

5. Select "Course"

6. Enter an End date of today, or sometime in the future.

7. Click Update Course Details to save your changes.

8. In your course navigation menu, click on People

9. Add the new participant by email address or username

10. If the user was given a Faculty or TA role, confirm they have accepted the invitation. To prevent students from accessing the course site, go back to Settings and change the date back.

11. If you need to keep the site open for a Student role, choose the End date to be until the student no longer needs access.

12. Click Update Course Details to save your changes.

Note: This is only for users who have active WPI accounts. If you need to add a user who is not part of the WPI community, please contact