Install X2Go

Use the Action to Download X2Go. If using a MacOS machine, you must also Download XQuartz

Follow on screen prompts to complete the installation.

X2Go Configuration

Once you launch X2Go, input the following Configuration:

Session Tab

Session Name: Linux

Server Section


Login: Your WPI Username

Use RSA/DSA key for ssh connection: If you have an Authorized SSH Key configured on your machine, map the path to your key 
Check Box: Try auto login (via SSH Agent or default SSH key)

Session Type Section

From the dropdown, select  Custom Desktop and input the following Command: ICEWM

Session Tab Settings with configurations as listed above.

Connection Tab

Connection Speed

Move the cursor to WAN

Connections Tab with WAN selection in Connection speed.

Media Tab

IT recommends Disabling Enable sound support

Media Tab with Enable sound support deselected.
Persistent Session Required?
Do you require a persistent session or want to reconnect to the same Linux Machine? See Advanced tab for additional information.

Persistent Sessions

Take note of the hostname of the Linux machine you are currently logged into. Create a new X2Go Configuration with that hostname.