Faculty, staff, and others can submit news about student accomplishments via an online form. Please include as much information as possible on the form. Someone in WPI’s Marketing Communications division may reach out for further information, if needed. If accepted, the submission will appear on a student’s or students’ Merit page(s).

Filling Out the Form

Input the following information:

  • Student: Search for the student in the directory
  • Topic: What is the achievement about / what type of an achievement is it?
  • Headline: Short line summarizing the achievement
  • Photo: You may upload a photo/logo of the achievement
  • Description: What is the achievement? Be detailed! This will be public on the Merit Page.

Additionally, input your name, contact information, and any additional notes you have regarding the student/achievement. This is helpful for the team reviewing the submission.

Form view of the fields required for submission.