Even though your WPI account is used to log into Zoom, you are free to change your first, last, and display names however you would like. Note that if you have not entered a name in Zoom, it will simply display your e-mail address in meetings.

Here’s how to change how your name is displayed:

  • Log in to https://wpi.zoom.us/ or use the Access Zoom Login Action
  • Click on the Profile button in the left menu
  • Click Edit text on the right
  • Fill in the fields as you please. When you’re finished, click Save.
    • Tip: Your First Name and Last Name are useful for Zoom–they’re how your name appears to you in the system. Your Display Name is what Zoom will name you, by default, in any meeting. You can also add your pronouns to your Display Name so people know what to use in an online meeting.
Already in a Meeting?
If you’re already in a meeting and you want to change how your name is displayed on the fly (perhaps to add your department, or some other designation), you can click on Participants. Hover over your name, click on More, and then on Rename.