eProjects 2.0 is a place for project opportunities to be advertised by advisors and discovered by students. Information is available for:

  • HUA - Humanities and Arts Practicums and Seminars
  • MQP - Major Qualifying Projects
  • IQP - Interactive Qualifying Projects
  • Exchange
  • TRIADS - pilot seed grant program

eProjects 2.0 is also a place to:

  • Explore global project centers
  • Apply for project membership
  • Complete a project
  • Evaluate a project 
  • Upload an Electronic Thesis, Dissertation (ETD), IQP, or MQP

Data from eProjects ties into academic processes for submission, degree requirements, evaluations, and archiving into Digital WPI.


  • It provides one stop shopping for students searching for a project throughout WPI’s academic departments and global project centers.
  • It directly feeds the Digital WPI library preservation system.
  • Its responsive design supports popular devices such as smart phones, tablets, and laptop computers.
  • The faceted search simplifies project discovery using multiple interactive filters.
  • The site supports the WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards.