All users of WPI’s network, are required to electronically sign an agreement to adhere to WPI’s Acceptable Use Policy during the registration process of their devices onto WPI’s network. All members of the WPI community are expected to use the network for ethical and legal activities only, and must comply with federal, state and local laws.

While using the network, WPI users are expected to respect WPI property and resources. WPI retains the right to audit activity and deny network access to any user devices that are not in compliance with WPI’s AUP. Users are required to respect other users’ personal property and privacy. Using the WPI network and computing systems for profit and/or spying of any kind is strictly forbidden. Abuse of resources by exceeded network rate limits will result in a suspension of that device. There is a daily network usage limit of 75GB of downloads per day, and 150GB per week.

If you anticipate downloading something larger than these thresholds, please reach out to its@wpi.edu to confirm the download is acceptable.