Companies and Individuals across the world use Git as their Version Control System. Git, GitHub, GitLab, etc. are all industry standard for Web Development professionals (and beginners!).


GitLab is a complete DevOps platform that enables users to perform all tasks in a project, including planning, source code management, monitoring, and security!

WPI has  a GitLab Server for students, faculty, and staff to use for Code Collaboration & Version Control. With access to WPI's GitLab instance, users can create new projects to begin source control practices. 

By creating a project in GitLab, you can:

  • Use your favorite editor to make changes to your content
  • Push updates to the repository
  • Create pipelines to push code to your server (this works great with your WPI Userspace!)
  • Rollback changes
  • And so much more!

Access GitLab

All users with WPI accounts will have the ability to use GitLab. Access GitLab and use the option to Sign in with Azure AD.

The first time you attempt to login, you will be denied access. Try again after one minute, accept the terms, and begin your project!

GitLab Groups!

Students working on projects/MQPs/groups that would like to use GitLab for source control, work with IT to create a group.