When using the VPN, all traffic is routed through the WPI network via a secure encrypted tunnel. This allows secure access to on-campus systems, as well as protecting against insecure network connections such as unencrypted public WiFi. The system accessing on-campus resources using VPN must meet specific requirements for Windows, Macintosh OS X, and Linux devices.

As with all network resources, VPN usage is governed by the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Violations of the AUP could result in VPN privileges being revoked. 

VPN is required for certain WPI resources.


WPI's current VPN solutions do NOT allow for split tunneling.  That means that while connected to the WPI VPN, you will be unable to access any devices on your local network. For example, if connected to the VPN, you will be unable to print to the wireless printer on your home network.

This is by design and in accordance with WPI InfoSec policies.