Breach of third-party ticket sale vendor, AudienceView requires action.


Tickets purchased through wpitickets.universitytickets.com during February 2023 may be impacted by a nationwide breach of AudienceView.

Action Needed

If you are one of the accounts impacted, review email from AudienceView carefully, and report suspicious credit card activity. 


Worcester Polytechnic Institute has been made aware that our third-party vendor for campus event ticketing, AudienceView, (formerly known as “University Tickets”) has experienced a security breach. If you used a credit card to purchase tickets through wpitickets.universitytickets.com during February 2023, this message contains important information and action for you to take.

AudienceView has shared that this nationwide breach, including at many higher education institutions, is impacting individuals who used the system to purchase tickets online for university-sponsored events since early February 2023. Ongoing investigation into the matter reveals that information breached from AudienceView’s system includes personal credit card payment information.  

In response to this nationwide breach that is affecting the Worcester Polytechnic Institute community, the Information Security Office in WPI Information Technology Services has initiated an information security incident to evaluate the scope of the third-party data breach and its impact on members of our campus community. Our team is actively working with AudienceView, along with other partners, to investigate this matter. Out of an abundance of caution, Worcester Polytechnic Institute has suspended all ticket sales via wpitickets.universitytickets.com, effective immediately.  

Action Needed:

  1. If you purchased tickets for university events through wpitickets.universitytickets.com this month please be aware that you may receive a communication from AudienceView who will be notifying those impacted by this breach via email with information and instructions. Please review the email from AudienceView carefully.   
  2. In addition we strongly encourage anyone who has purchased tickets through wpitickets.universitytickets.com since early February 2023 to check your credit card statements immediately; contact your banking institution regarding any suspicious transactions; and report the suspicious transactions to WPI Police or your local police department.

Further details will be provided as they become available.


LeeAnn LeClerc

Chief Information Security Officer

Vijay Menta

Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer