Information Security has identified this phishing scam being sent to WPI.edu email addresses.

Action Needed

 If you receive any of these messages, DO NOT reply, click any links, open any attachments, or provide any personal information. If you receive please forward it as an attachment to phishing@wpi.edu, or use the report button in Outlook and delete. Please remember, ITS will never ask for personal information via email.


This is the latest phishing email circulating within the WPI community.

The phishing attempt contains:

Sent: Beginning Monday, April 10  at 8:06 PM

Subject:  [EXT] Notification

Sender: The email originated from @iu.edu

Body: Attempts to lure you to click on erroneous Payroll Schedule link followed by Worcester Polytechnic University (WPI)

Please note the following characteristics of phishing:

1. Subject includes [EXT] which indicates the message originated outside of WPI 

2. This link is suspicious, especially because this came from an external sender.

Screenshot of Phishing Message