Before the Student Project Proposals feature, all Interactive Qualifying Projects (IQP) and Major Qualifying Projects (MQP) had to be created by a project advisor.  The eProjects Advisory Board requested that an additional pathway for project creation be added for students.  This provides more agency and flexibility to students when starting their projects. While project advisors still create projects, the new option removes the necessity for advisors to setup all projects.


Students can now propose projects directly using eProjects 2.0. 

Action Needed

Instructions for the new process are linked in the Related Article, and eProjects 2.0 can be accessed through Actions.



In the new option, the student completes a form to create a project proposal.  Then if the student wishes, the proposal gets published to the Project Opportunities page to recruit additional student members.  Lastly, they file advisor requests asking specific faculty members if they will approve and advise the project.  If a faculty member approves, the proposal will be converted into a project, and they will become the official advisor of record.  From there it proceeds through the usual IQP or MQP process for registration, eCDR submission, grading and credit.