WPI is pleased to announce that we have made the strategic decision to move to Zoom Phone. In early summer, Information Technology will begin a phased approach to implement unified communications at WPI, transforming the way you communicate today! 


This exciting change enables many technical improvements and allows WPI to consolidate to a single vendor for voice, video, SMS text, and chat, all using Zoom, an application most WPI employees are already familiar with.  While keeping current WPI phone extensions in use, the project replaces the call management system, upgrades multi-line and conference phones, and removes physical desk phones when they are not deemed necessary.


WPI employees will be better equipped to communicate and engage with our community. Additional benefits, including new features, are available in the FAQ (linked in Related Items).

Action Needed

External Dialing: Starting June 21, all calls will need to be treated as external using 508-831 before the extension. During the transition the two separate phone systems, old Avaya and new Zoom, will not recognize all 4-digit extensions. Using external dialing (i.e., 508-831-5000) ensures your call gets through. (4-digit dialing returns when all extensions have been moved to Zoom.)


Department Meetings

As the timeline denotes, department meetings will be underway soon! The project team is scheduling meetings with contacts identified by Management Council. At these meetings, preliminary discussions begin about:

  • Zoom Phone features and functionality.
  • Users and phone needs.
  • The best timeline for the department’s transition.

Key Contacts

We are very appreciative of key contacts in each department for their partnership! They are providing information such as team members, phone numbers, and equipment needed to help their area transition. You can find they key contact for your area in the Zoom Phone FAQ (Related Article).