Adobe is upgrading their Enterprise cloud storage solution, which unifies many account settings and online app data, so they must migrate all enterprise licensed accounts to the new server system.


Anticipated impact includes a brief outage, re-login required, and potential application access issues. Explanations of each are in Details. If you received an email about complimentary access to Adobe, please disregard.


Impact Details:

  1. Brief outage: All WPI users logged into Adobe services may experience one outage of less than 15 minutes during the maintenance window as their account is migrated.
  2. Re-login: All users will be required to log into their Adobe account again using their usual credentials when resuming use of the tools and services.
  3. Potential issues following the maintenance: For account issues including trouble logging in, being reverted to a trial version, and missing files, please contact the IT Service Desk for troubleshooting.
  4. Complimentary access email: Because the maintenance took longer than Adobe originally planned, you may have received an email from Adobe indicating:
    • As our records show that you have multiple Adobe business accounts, we’ve granted you 60 days of complimentary access to Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps for your Personal Profile.
    • Please ignore the email. There is no need to follow its instructions to activate/log in to the 60 day complimentary personal account. All fully-licensed WPI accounts have been migrated and are available