Because higher education is a major target for fraudsters, Information Security is implementing additional spam and phishing security for WPI email addresses.


Abnormal Security uses AI to detect spam and phishing emails and remove them from your WPI Inbox. 

Action Needed

Please report any missing legitimate expected email. (More below in Details.)


As of July 12, 2023, WPI Information Technology is implementing a new security product called Abnormal Security. This product uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect spam and phishing emails and remove them from WPI email inboxes.

Rest assured this product from Abnormal Security has a very high efficacy rate on detections, and an extremely low false positive rate. However, as with any new security application there is a chance that there could be incorrect detections. If by chance an email that you are expecting is not in your inbox, please report it using Get Support below. Then the message can be released and future messages like this will be marked as Safe and delivered to you.