Information Security has identified this phishing scam being sent to WPI.edu email addresses.  

Action Needed

If you received this message, DO NOT reply, click any links, open any attachments, or provide any personal information. If your account was compromised by responding to this message, please work with the IT Service Desk and Information Security teams to regain access. Any time that you receive a suspicious email, please forward it as an attachment to phishing@wpi.edu, or use the report button in Outlook and delete. 


This is the latest phishing email that circulated within the WPI community. As of July 29, Information Security has removed this message from WPI inboxes. 

The phishing attempt contains:

Sent: Beginning Thursday, July 27

Subject:  [EXT] Your schedule has been modified.

Sender: The email originated from @ucr.edu

Body: Attempts to lure you to click on erroneous View Schedule link followed by Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Please note the following characteristics of phishing in this message:

1. Subject includes [EXT] which indicates the message originated outside of WPI. 

2. Sender indicates WPI Payroll, but the address is @ucr.edu.

3. Outlook warns "You do not often get email from dabp5p@ucr.edu."

4. Do not click on the link to "View Calendar" because the subject, sender, and Outlook warning indicate this message is suspicious. 

Image of email message; contents described in Details.