If there is a breach of data or accounts, it is vital that immediate action is taken. WPI Information Security works with departments and individuals to protect WPI access, networking, and data.

Action Needed

Please immediately notify WPI's Chief Information Security Officer (CISO@WPI.edu email linked in Actions) of any data, system, or account security breach.


As a WPI partner to vendors and system representatives, you may be alerted if they experience a security breach. If you are notified of an external cybersecurity issue, please forward details to WPI's Chief Information Security Officer at CISO@WPI.edu (linked in Actions) as soon as possible.

As an individual, WPI Information Security recommends the following: 

  • If you believe your system or credentials have been hacked please notify WPI's Chief Information Security Officer immediately by contacting CISO@WPI.edu (linked in Actions).
  • If Information Security discovers that your account or system has been compromised, they may need to take immediate action to protect the WPI network and data, and you will be informed of steps to take to regain secure access.
  • If you are notified of a breach outside of WPI that doesn’t impact your WPI account or systems, follow instructions provided, and take action to watch for fraudulent activity and to change/repair account information. Identity theft or fraudulent activity should be immediately reported to the institution (e.g., your bank or credit card company) and can also be reported to your local police and IdentityTheft.gov (linked in Actions) for federal assistance.