Information Technology (IT) is working on improving the card access request process. 


Request process uses new Request Card Access WPI Hub form in place of email to campuscardaccess@wpi.edu

Action Needed

Use Request Card Access form in place of emailing request.


For the first phase, a new card access request form has been developed. We have taken into consideration needs and pain points expressed by the community, and are appreciative of feedback from staff who participated in the pilot. The new form aims to:

·         Provide a more consistent experience for requesters, including other common card access needs.

·         Ensure the request will have information needed to be fulfilled by IT, reducing additional exchanges to gather details.

·         Improve fulfillment time with new ticket routing.

The new Card Access Request form is on the WPI Hub (Actions), along with an explanatory article (Related Items). The form can be used to:

1.       Request building card access for an individual.

2.       Submit a bulk building card access request.

3.       Submit a scheduling request to lock/unlock doors.

4.       Report a building card access issue.

5.       Add an authorized requester.

This new process replaces the use of campuscardaccess@wpi.edu email. Messages sent to that address will receive an auto-response linking to the form.

Thank you for your patience as we developed this phase and underwent staffing changes on the IT card access team. We are confident that this new process will better the card access request experience, and we are assessing additional improvements such as a self-service option. Do not hesitate to contact us at its@wpi.edu with questions or feedback.


Sia Najafi, Associate CIO, Academic Research Computing and Infrastructure Services

Benjamin J. Higgins ’97, Director of Network Services