My Tasks replaces Inbox by default in the upcoming March 24R1 Workday Release.  WPI's Enterprise team is rolling My Tasks our sooner to enable features you can benefit from immediately, and to provide explanation of the changes. Name Pronunciation allows you to record and phonetically spell your name for others to hear and view in Workday.


Everyone using Workday will now see My Tasks rather than Inbox. All items, pending or completed, will be retained in the transition, and moved from Inbox to My Tasks. Name Pronunciation is now an available option in all Workday profiles. Please note that NameCoach is still being used for 2024 commencement.


User experience and searching are improved in My Tasks! There is also a guided tour enabling you to explore the new task features.  Name Pronunciation enables you to help others see and hear how to correctly say your name when they view you in Workday. (More below in Details.)

Action Needed

Chrome is the preferred browser for this Workday task. You may use the guided tour within Workday to explore My Tasks. Instructions are available in Workday My Tasks and Notifications (and the new Workday: Name Pronunciation article (Related items). Please note: WPI Hub sign-in is required for Workday job aids. 



Workday home page with My Tasks envelope icon in upper right highlighted

What you Need to Know:

  • All of Workday Inbox's mission-critical features are supported in My Tasks.
  • No tasks, pending or completed, will be lost when My Tasks is enabled.

Benefits and New Features:

  • Awareness: New users to My Tasks will be presented with a guided product tour, which introduces new features and functionality. Although the tour  disappears once you complete or dismiss it, a recording is included in Workday Tasks and Notifications (Related items).
  • Navigation: My Tasks delivers a more intuitive experience, reducing confusion when finding a task.
  • Search: Locating a specific task is faster with advanced search capabilities.
  • Organization: Saved Searches allow you to organize your tasks without the need for custom filters.


This new feature is a great option to help others see and hear how you prefer to have your name  pronounced. After you take the brief steps to set it up in Workday, it displays along with your name where anyone references you in Workday.

The new Workday: Name Pronunciation article (Related Items)  has a video and written instructions to help you get started right away!