It’s not just a new year, it’s a new approach to data governance and management! The fruits of the past 7 months of analyzing needs with campus partners and redesigning data governance are kicking off!

Action Needed

New WPI Hub pages (linked in Related Items) provide definitions and visuals to help understand the processes. Please note: WPI Hub sign-in is required as these resources are only available to WPI account holders.


Data Governance and Strategy 

Data Governance and Management combines the process, policies, and goals for managing institutional data. It also defines roles and responsibilities for managing data. WPI’s new model has three main data governance groups:

  • Data Governance Steering Committee (DGSC)
  • Data Stewards Working Group (DSWG)
  • Technology Intake Planning Group (TIPG)
WPI Data Governance Structure

Working together, these groups will see data and related technology usage and projects through from policy approval and prioritization, to strategy, intake, project management and change management. This approach enables cross-departmental communication, collaboration and implementation of data validation, reporting, analytics, and decision-making. These principles help to explain what data governance will solve, and the reason we are invested in it!

Data Governance Principles

How to Find Out More

The WPI Hub Service for Data Governance and Management, and related components (linked in Related Items), further detail each area of data governance. They also provide visuals and list campus representation. 

We would be happy to answer questions and visit your department to discuss. We look forward to the improvements this will bring to WPI's data strategy!

Thank you for your continued support and collaboration.