Talent is collaborating with IT's Enterprise team to provide employees with a consolidated place to view all things related to benefits and pay.


The individual apps for Pay and Benefits will be retired. The new Benefits and Pay app will automatically appear first in the Your Top Apps section of the Workday homepage.


ThisĀ all-in-one app will make it much easier to find the information you need about your Benefits and Pay. For example instead of taking several clicks to find your most recent payslip, it just takes 1 click on the Benefits and Pay app and you will see the highlights from your most recent payslip in the app's Overview section.

Action Needed

Users who have several apps in Workday may need to customize their app order. Directions for how to change it are in the Customize Apps section of the Manage Workday Preferences article (Actions).


Below is a screenshot of how the new app will appear on your Workday homepage. If you have any questions about this new app, please contact Talent at talent@wpi.edu or 508-831-5470.

A screenshot of Your Top Apps with a red box around the new Benefits and Pay app.