Microsoft released the new Teams as an option in October 2023. It is available to try before Teams Classic is retired later this spring.


All WPI account logins to Microsoft 365 have access to use the new Teams (client and web app). ITS continues to test since preferences and video may be impacted for some.


Microsoft has improved the user experience and enhanced features in new Teams. Details from Microsoft are linked in Actions: Features Changing in New Microsoft Teams.

Action Needed

You can choose to change in advance of the automated retirement (TBD) at your own convenience and when the IT Service Desk is open to support you. Instructions are below in details. 


For ITS-managed computers recently deployed or reimaged, New Teams is currently the default.  Computers deployed with Classic Teams have had the choice to continue using Classic or change to New since last October for client and web versions.


You are welcome to try the New Teams view as follows:

In the upper left corner of the Teams client or web app, for "Try the new Teams" slide the button to the right. Note: This needs to be done separately for both the computer client and web app.

Try the new Teams with button highlighted


While there are beneficial new features, some who are using the new Teams have experienced the following:

  • Preferences returned to default. You can re-select preferences in Settings, including whether to view Teams as a list or cards and where files open - in  Teams or an application.
  • Video may be degraded. If this is your experience, you may return to Classic Teams or use Zoom.

Please reach out to the IT Service Desk if you need assistance changing to the new view in advance, or have any questions about using new Teams.