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Action Needed

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This month's focus is on CYBER SAFETY FOR ELDERS AND CHILDREN. We encourage community members to share your information security knowledge, and find more tips in this month's SECURE IT to keep friends and family from becoming cyber victims!

In this issue:

  • Why are they targets?
  • Identity Theft
  • Back to the Future: Back to the Future: Phones, TV, Internet of Things, and AI
  • Learning with Laughter
  • Information Security Drop-in
  • Featured Videos
  • In the News
  • Identity Theft by the Numbers
  • WPI Resources
  • Diversity in Cybersecurity
Picture of a 6 year old girl who is sitting in front of a laptop. She has a computer mouse in her right hand. She is wearing gamer headphones and has a podcaster style microphone. Text says, "I'll never let my kids use tablets and screens. Kindergarten in 2020"