Your name is important at WPI! The name pronunciation recording you make in Workday is now imported to the class roster in Canvas so faculty and TAs can easily find out how to pronounce student names.


Name pronunciation recordings are available in Canvas as of April 23, 2024. Please note that NameCoach is still being used for 2024 commencement.


Name Pronunciation in Canvas enables faculty and TAs to hear how to correctly say student names.

Action Needed

Chrome is the preferred browser for setting up name pronunciation in Workday, which will be imported into Canvas.



This new feature is a great option to help others see and hear how you prefer to have your name  pronounced. After you take the brief steps to set it up in Workday, it displays along with your name on the Canvas class roster.

The Workday: Name Pronunciation article (Related Items)  has a video and written instructions to help you get started right away!