Cherwell, our current ticketing system, is being phased out by the vendor. By proactively replacing the system now, we are not subject to the vendor’s phase-out timeline and declining support, and Cherwell will remain available during our transition.



  • Additional modules are included to support various ITS functions, as well as expanded enterprise usage. We are working closely with the Registrar’s Office, Bursar, Marketing Communications, and Academic Affairs departments, who will also transition from Cherwell to HaloITSM. 
  • We are partnering with Talent & Inclusion to replace their Dovetail ticketing system with HaloITSM, providing a more consistent and seamless experience, efficiency for ticket transfer between departments, and cost savings.
  • HaloITSM improves end-user interface for employees, students, and third parties.
  • The transition will employ modernized integrations and communications with existing WPI systems such as Workday and Microsoft Teams, while reducing the amount of manual development required by ITS.

What does the change mean for you?

  • You will continue to use the same email addresses and phone numbers for the departments using HaloITSM; contact methods will not change.
  • You will be able to use a new interface to look up instructions and service information, enter tickets, and view your current tickets.
  • Email and instructions you receive from HaloITSM will have a fresh appearance.
  • Any tickets that need to be passed between Talent & Inclusion and any other department will be transferred automatically; there is no need to create a new ticket in a separate system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to learn a new system to ask a question or make a request from any department using HaloITSM?

No, you will not need to learn HaloITSM to ask for and receive help. You can continue to email and call departments using this ticketing system. You will also be able to search for information and services, and submit issues and requests through the new and improved interface.

How will I learn HaloITSM if I work in one of the departments transitioning to this ticketing system?

ITS is working closely with those departments to setup and train the "agents" who will use HaloITSM behind-the-scenes to provide service to our community.

When will HaloITSM go live?

The exact HaloITSM go-live date during the upcoming academic year is still to be determined; when it is known we will inform the community.

What if I have an open ticket in the current system?

We aim to complete tickets still open in the current Cherwell system at go-live in that same system, and do not anticipate changing the ticket numbers and communication methods.