Action Needed

If you received this message, DO NOT reply, click any links, open any attachments, or enter any credentials. If you have already clicked the link and gave information, please contact so that we can assist in remediating the issue and protecting your identity. Any time that you receive a suspicious email, please forward it to 


Information Security has identified this as the latest phishing email that circulated within the WPI community.

Please note:

This message was NOT sent by any WPI executive.

The phishing attempt details:

Sent: Beginning Thursday, June 27, 2024

Subject: [EXT] Re: _______ shared a Document with you

From: The sender appears as Scott Stevenson (

Body: Attempts to lure you to click a generic link labeled VIEW.

Please note the following characteristics of phishing in this message:

1. Subject includes [EXT] which indicates the message originated outside of WPI.

2. From indicates the message is from Scott Stevenson (, which is not a WPI email address.

3. Outlook warns you don't often get email from

4. The message claims it is from one of the following WPI executives: Michael Horan, Lauren Turner, Donna Stock, Adam Heppe, or Lisa Pearlman. The from email address does not match the supposed sender.

5. There is a Google Workspace logo at the end of the email, but WPI primarily uses Microsoft products.

6. Do not click any links in this email because the subject, sender, Outlook warning, and message content indicate this message is suspicious.

A screenshot of the phishing email is below:

Screenshot of a phishing email with a red box around the areas that indicate it is not a legitimate email.