The former MQP and IQP evaluation process located at https://web.wpi.edu/Pubs/e-Project/ has been replaced by a new process at https://eprojects.wpi.edu/evaluations.


The new process for MQP and IQP evaluations is handled online; no paper forms or signatures are required. This begins with E2019 projects, and will be used by all MQPs and IQPs for future terms.

Action Needed

Login to eProjects 2.0 for MQP and IQP evaluation submission and review. View the online guide for additional information about project requirements and processes.


Information for Students Submitting MQP and IQP Evaluations for the E2019 deadline:

If you have already submitted your E2019 evaluation, you may disregard this new process. For new evaluations please see Actions for instructions on the new project evaluation submission process and access to eProjects 2.0 evaluations.