Launched two years ago, WPI Today, the daily news and events email, provides a single, central source for information and reduces the number of emails sent to employees.

What you may not realize is that there were two lists, each with distinct rules, for sending email to employees. dl-employees automatically subscribed all employees, anyone was able to send to it, and users could opt-out of receiving messages. Since the launch of the daily news and events email, use of dl-employees significantly dropped.

dl-allemployees is the official WPI employee mailing list, which automatically subscribes employees and does not support opting out. A specified group of employees has access to send to the list. WPI will continue to support this list.

Maintaining two lists has proven time-consuming, error prone, and confusing - including the risk that a critical note might be sent to a list that employees had opted out of receiving. The one "allemployees" list has several authorized senders across the university, including the head of your division and others they have designated.

Our colleagues in Marketing Communications are happy to connect with departments interested in optimizing WPI Today and other tools to promote news and events. Invite them to a team meeting, attend a training session on using the Calendar and the Announcements features of, or spend a few minutes with the Resources & Guidelines (linked above).