Due to COVID-19, we are seeing more attacks leading to increased compromised accounts. 


MFA helps protect your accounts and data through an additional layer of security when signing in remotely.

Action Needed

Go to your Account security verification page to set up or confirm methods of authentication. Add as many authentication methods as possible to avoid being locked out of your account.When you log into a native iOS or Android email app (as an example), you will be prompted once to login to MFA using your preferred authentication method. 


MFA is currently required when logging into Workday, Salesforce, or resetting WPI passwords, on-campus or off-campus. As of Wednesday, June 17, 2020, MFA will be required for all Microsoft applications, including Outlook for email, and all SSO applications accessed from off-campus locations. (Students are already required to use MFA for these applications from off-campus.)

Examples of SSO applications include Workday, WPI Portal, Office 365 Suite, and Canvas. You will be prompted once for MFA during a session. For example, if you log into MFA to use email, when you go to Workday or Canvas, you will not be prompted again.

For mobile apps, there may be a one-time MFA login for native iOS and Android clients.