Workday employment end dates are now used to automate account extensions and terminations.


Please work with Talent and Inclusion to set or change employment end dates. Most extensions no longer require the IT Access Request form.


Workday employment end dates are now used in account provisioning to automatically extend and terminate accounts. 

This applies to:

  • Regular Fixed-Term Employee
  • Temporary Employee
  • Seasonal Employee
  • Contingent Worker

This does not apply to Student accounts.

Current Process:

  • Managers should work with Talent and Inclusion (T&I) to set or modify employment end dates.
  • Managers may view end dates for their team:
    • In Workday, in My Team under View, open Positions in My Organizations - T&I. For Organizations, use My Organizations,select org(s), then click OK.
    • In the resulting table, look for the End Employment Date column. To sort this column, export the table to Excel. Use a filter to group positions by keywords (e.g., Professor, Instructor, PLA, Grader, etc.)

If an employment end date passed and access was already discontinued, please work with T&I to modify the end date. The account will reprovision with the same username/email address and basic access including storage, email, Office 365, Canvas and Workday . You may find it helpful to contact IT to confirm when the account is available, and whether additional access is needed.

A new article has been created for Account or Access Extension (see Related Article).

Discontinued Processes:

  • IT Access Request Forms no longer need to be submitted for most account extensions. (Information about when to use this form can be found in the Access Request for Employees and Contingent Workers Related Article.)
  • Email with account end dates is no longer sent to to gr-accountnotifications. This has been replaced with the manager's ability to view end dates in Workday.
  • System email to individual account holders is no longer sent.

For assistance with these changes, please do not hesitate to contact Talent and Inclusion or Information Technology.