IT is migrating file systems to a new Network Attached Storage (NAS) array.


Some storage.wpi.edu users will be contacted to test files between August 3-7. Banner job submission and other services that use storage.wpi.edu for transferring data will be unable to transfer/update data during the maintenance. As of August 10, the move will be complete; your files will be accessible from storage.wpi.edu the same way as in the past. Research isilon storage is NOT included in this file move and will NOT be impacted.


The addition of a new NAS storage array helps to mitigate the storage capacity issues we have been experiencing.

Action Needed

Reboots will be required for Windows computers, to ensure that all connections use the new storage system. The related item "On-Premise Storage" contains links to varied instructions to map a drive. Please confirm that you can access files successfully after the move. In addition, deleting unnecessary data will contribute to resolving storage issues. (Please see related news).