Electrical upgrades are being performed for new equipment installation.


There will be no electrical power or network connectivity in the Recreation Center, Stoddard A, B, C, and Ellsworth Apartments. Please follow our Equipment Shutdown recommendations. Additionally, networking will be unavailable to the Park Ave Garage, Shawmut trailer and 111 Park Ave. (1st Baptist Church).

Action Needed

In preparation for the planned electrical shutdown, please shutdown all office equipment (computers, printers, copiers, etc.) on Monday (8/24) evening. Using a surge protector is recommended whenever possible. In the absence of a surge protector, the equipment should be unplugged from the power source.  


Information Technology recommends powering down all electronic equipment prior to the planned power outage. Please note that remote desktop will not be available to powered-off machines.

For any electrical issues, please contact Facilities (call Ext. 5500 or e-mail facilities@wpi.edu).

For IT issues, contact the ITS Service Desk (call Ext. 5888 or e-mail its@wpi.edu) with any questions or concerns regarding the equipment shutdown process.