Beginning on Wednesday, December 16, 2020, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) will be turned on for all WPI remote connections using the Global Protect VPN, as approved by the WPI Information Security, Risk and Compliance Committee (ISRC). Strengthening VPN connection security further protects WPI resources; MFA reduces compromised accounts by 99.9%!

  • This change will likely be transparent for those already leveraging Global Protect VPN on a regular basis, but there is a possibility you may be prompted for MFA. Once authenticated, your MFA “software token” may extend your session, reducing additional MFA prompts.
  • This is a good opportunity to review your Microsoft MFA verification methods, and ensure that you have chosen at least two.
  • If your circumstances preclude the use of the Microsoft MFA verification methods, please contact IT about using a hardware token.

If you have any questions about MFA or VPN, please contact the IT Service Desk. Thank you!