This automated process depends upon unique username data. It replaces a process that used a Faculty Initials field, which is no longer available via Banner.


Advising lists have a new email address format.


Advising mailing lists will not be impacted as academic data is moved from Banner to Workday.


Information Technology has updated the process to automatically create advising mailing lists. List names are now related to the faculty unique username, rather than the Banner faculty initials.

  • Naming: Each list is named ADV-facultyusername@wpi.eduExample: If Professor John Boynton’s username is jboynton, the list would be named ADV-jboynton@wpi.edu.
  • Members: Primary and secondary advisee students are included in the list.
  • Creation: Lists are automatically created, and they are updated twice daily. If a faculty member is new to advising, the list will be generated for them (no request needed). 
  • Usage: Add ADV-facultyusername@wpi.edu to the TO field when composing an email to reach all advisees. Only the advisor can send to this list, and only the advisor can expand the list to see advisee names.