We heard your feedback about how things went and how people felt in A and B term. We want to continue to learn from you and collaborate to find creative solutions. This event is sponsored by Art Heinricher, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Rosana Pochat, WPI Senior, Ryan Candy, WPI Senior, and Katie Elmes, Director of Expanded Learning Opportunities in Undergraduate Studies.

The event will be run as an Open Space gathering which is a meeting where everyone who attends is equal and in which anyone who’s there can put something on the agenda if they want to. Read about Open Space here or watch this video to get a taste of the meeting format. (Online Open Space looks different but feels much the same.) Be prepared to be surprised at the creative content that come from this event that will make C term stronger!

As you consider being part of this experience, there are a few things we need from each other to make this work for everyone:  

  • Everyone who wants to be part of this needs to be present at 2:15 for about a half hour and then can come and go as needed. The event will run as long as the energy is in the room but will end no later than 6pm
  • To have a better experience, it will be better if you keep your computer camera on
  • Everyone will need paper or a notebook and a bold marker
  • Everyone who joins agrees to engage respectfully and civilly with the community