This series is sponsored by Art Heinricher, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Rosana Pochat, WPI Senior, Ryan Candy, WPI Senior, and Katie Elmes, Director of Expanded Learning Opportunities in Undergraduate Studies; and powered by you! (by your combined sense of passion and responsibility).

The event will once again be held in Open Space, where everyone who attends is equal and anyone who’s there can add a topic to the agenda. Read about Open Space here or watch this video to get a taste of the meeting format. (Online Open Space looks different but feels very much the same.)

Event Plan:

The event will run:
12-3pm EDT (12-12:30 Opening & 2:15pm Closing)
3-6pm EDT (3-3:30 Opening & 5:15pm Closing)
6-9pm EDT (6-6:30 Opening & 8:15pm Closing)

You can come and go, attending as much or as little as you choose; we just ask that you start by attending one of the Openings (there are 3 throughout the afternoon). The agenda is set at the start of each opening by all participants – anyone in attendance can call a session about any topic on their mind. To get started thinking about session ideas, we encourage you to submit a topic you would propose if you were in attendance or take a look at what others have proposed.  

Participant Details

As you consider being part of this experience, there are a few things we need from each other to make this work for everyone.

  • Everyone who wants to be part of this needs to be present at the start of one Opening. (After that, anyone who was there at any Opening held that day can come and go.)
  • Everyone’s computer will need a built-in camera or a Webcam.
  • Everyone will need paper or a notebook and a bold marker.
  • We need to know that we’re all coming from the same place. For this gathering, that’s WPI’s Student Code of Conduct, specifically these sections:
    • Bias-Motivated Conduct
    • Threatening Behavior
    • Everyone who joins agrees to live by them for the time that we’re together.