Facilities has scheduled the partial shutdown to perform work with National Grid. (Electrical Services Upgrade Announcement from Facilities is linked in Actions.)


The shutdown will take place Saturday, July 17 lasting eight to ten hours. See below for impacted buildings. A few additional buildings will lose network, as they are fed off of one of the buildings in the power shutdown (noted in list as "Network Impacted"). In the event of inclement weather, the shutdown will be rescheduled to Saturday, July 24.

Action Needed

If you need access to your data during the outage, terminal services are available. If you are working on campus, please see the reminder about power options for WPI-owned computers (Actions), and power off additional equipment. If you are aware of other equipment that needs to be unplugged, you are welcome to email the Service Desk at ITS@wpi.edu with as many details as possible.  Please direct other inquiries about the outage to Facilities.


To mitigate equipment damage when power is restored, individuals who are working on campus will need to unplug equipment prior to the outage, and reconnect that equipment after.

IT will unplug equipment in computer labs, classrooms, and conference rooms, including A/V equipment. IT will reconnect this equipment after the outage.

If you have any equipment issues following the outage, please contact the Service Desk.

Impacted University Buildings:

Alden Memorial

Atwater Kent

Bartlett Center

Boynton Hall

Fuller Labs

Goddard Hall

Gordon Library

Harrington Auditorium

Higgins House

Higgins Labs

The Innovation Studio

Kaven Hall

Olin Hall

Power House

Project Center

Rubin Campus Center

Salisbury Labs

Skull Tomb

Stratton Hall

Washburn Shops

Impacted Student Residences:

Daniels Hall

Messenger Hall

Morgan Hall

Sanford Riley Hall

Network Impacted Buildings - these buildings will have power, but will lose WPI network connectivity:

16 Elbridge Street 

157 West Street

Press box