Facilities is planning to make a critical repair to the electrical transformer at Goddard Hall.

Action Needed

Lab and equipment owners are responsible for powering down equipment ahead of the shutdown and restarting them after power is restored. 


Facilities will check HVAC and fume hood systems for proper operation when power returns. 

May 25 Facilities Update to Campus

Earlier today, a transformer failed, and power was shut off at Goddard Labs, Olin Hall, and Higgins House. 

Power has since been restored in Olin Hall and that building has reopened.  The failed transformer must be replaced and there will be no normal building power in Goddard Labs and Higgins House before next Monday at the latest; however, there are backup power sources for low temperature freezers in Goddard Labs, and Facilities will work with Department Heads to identify any additional needs.

Goddard Labs and Higgins House are closed. Access is strictly prohibited until further notice; no one may enter the buildings until power is restored.

We will update routinely as the situation changes.  In the meantime, please contact Facilities at (508) 831-5500 with any questions. 

May 28 Facilities update to Campus

The failed transformer at Goddard Labs has been successfully replaced and normal building power has been restored to Goddard Labs, Olin Hall and Higgins House.  WPI Facilities Teams checked and confirmed normal operation of building mechanical, HVAC, electrical and life safety systems.

Faculty, Staff and Students are now permitted to reoccupy Goddard Labs, Olin Hall and Higgins House.

Please contact Facilities at (508) 831-5500 with any questions.