To prepare for the upcoming academic year, Information Technology needs to wipe computer hard drives, reinstall the Windows 10 operating system to allow for the most up-to-date security, and install the latest versions of academic software to be used in courses.


The lab computers will be unavailable during the upgrade. All public computers, including computer labs and classroom podiums, will have their hard drives cleared. All data stored locally on the machines will be deleted and unrecoverable. Any software or software configuration installed on the machine will be removed.


Once the Windows 10 reinstall completes, IT will begin to deploy the software that will be available for the beginning of A term!

Action Needed

If you have saved any files directly to a user folder on any of the public computers, please contact IT prior to the upgrade to assist you in recovering those files. IF you need A Term software deployed, please request as soon as possible using the link in Actions.


The public computer lab upgrade enables IT to prepare for the upcoming academic year. Once the re-imaging of the computers has completed, software will begin to install on the machines and will be available for A Term. For a full list of software, and its availability, review our Software Library.