911 service is a vital part of our nation's emergency response and disaster preparedness system.  Prior to Voice Over Internet Protocol, 911 used the physical address of the telephone. Because softphones enable WPI extensions to be used off-campus, for 911 to detect the correct location in case of emergency the remote address must be entered.


WPI employees who have been provided with an Avaya One-X Communicator softphone need to install new Sentry Gatekeeper software, which is capable of Enhanced 911 (or E911), and register the phone number and the remote address it is being used at. The remote address information is confidential, only to be used by WPI Police and local police during an emergency event.

Action Needed

Upon next login, please follow instructions in Sentry Gatekeeper Install Guide (in Related Articles). These updates are necessary for WPI compliance with federal regulations.  Softphones which are not registered by February 1, 2022 will be temporarily disabled. 


Additional E911 information from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), including Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’S Act, is available in Related Actions.

All softphone users need to complete these steps by February 1, 2022. If you have questions or need assistance, please submit the Help Form below to work with our Telecommunications team.