Some WPI-owned IT-provisioned Macs are running an operating system (OS) that is no longer supported by Apple and cannot receive security updates. 

Action Needed

An OS upgrade to Catalina or later is required to continue using the device on the WPI network and to protect its data. 


Beginning February 16, 2022 users may see this notification:

Mac notification from WPI IT: Your version of macOS is out of date.

Upon next login, please follow these steps to upgrade the MacOS:

1. On the WPI IT: Action Needed notification window, click Okay to open Self Service.

2. On the Install macOS Catalina window, select Install.

Self Service window for Install macOS Catalina

3. The upgrade process will begin, and will automatically restart the computer.

4. After the restart, an Apple logo screen will appear and display the estimated time remaining. For most computers (with a solid state drive), the entire process should take less than one hour.

If you have questions or need assistance, please use Request Help on this page to work with our Desktop Support team.