On Thurs., May 19, 5-8am, the WPI IT team will migrate website file storage to another server.


Websites will not experience downtime. Website files will become read-only at 5am and will be editable at 8am. MassAcademy will be migrated in June.

Action Needed

Please use the instructions in Create A Personal Website At WPI (Related Article) to update drive mapping to the new storage location. Files will not need to be changed, however we recommend that you review your own site to ensure data looks as you expect


Please note that user websites must comply with the WPI Data Classification and Usage Policy (linked in Actions).  Here is additional information for site owners:


If you use GitLab to upload files to your site, there’s no change that you will need to make to your configuration. We’ve already done that for you.  

public_html folder  

New drive mapping: If you use the public_html folder on your R: drive (home directory), then you’ll need to create a new mapping for your drive. The public_html folder will no longer be nested within your home directory. Mapping instructions are in Create A Personal Website At WPI  under Related Articles

Upload files: Linux commands formerly required to set permissions on https://users.wpi.edu/ will no longer be necessary. Just drag/drop the files and they’ll be ready to go live on the webserver.  

Custom Domain Name 

If your site uses a custom domain name, no changes are necessary.