A prompt to install the new GlobalProtect Virtual Private Network (VPN) client may appear as of March 7, 2022. Please refer to DETAILS below for additional information.

Action Needed

As of March 7, the GlobalProtect VPN can be installed using the Related Item SOFTWARE.


As of 11 AM March 7, 2022 the new GlobalProtect client 5.2.10 is available.

Personally-Managed Devices:  Users will be prompted to install the new client when they connect. If install prompts are dismissed then work on the existing client can continue, but they will again be prompted to upgrade their client at the next connection.

IT-Managed Devices:  These will receive the new client, and no installation by the user is required.

App Store Clients: This upgrade has no impact on users that get their client from an app store, such as the mobile device client.