Microsoft frequently releases new and improved Teams features. 


What's New:

New features and improvements  can be found in Teams by clicking on Help --> What's New. There you will find details about these recent updates:

  • Pin a message in chat
  • Change how many messages you see at one time
  • Turn off mirror my video

Team's Tips:

Meetings: Enlarge Shared Content

In a Teams meeting, you have the ability to zoom to the shared content.

  • Using keyboard shortcuts you can press Ctrl + Plus Sign to zoom in and Ctrl + Minus Sign to zoom out.
  • Hold the Ctrl key down on the keyboard and scroll with your mouse.
  • Using your laptop's touchpad, you can pinch in or out.


  • Recent Files:  The Files icon in the Navigation Bar (left) shows recent files from Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive - even those shared with you by others.
  • File Open Preference:  You may choose whether to always open Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files in Teams or the Desktop App. To set your preference go to Manage Account > Files > File Open Preference

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